Fire & Gas Suppression

Sprinkle System

Sprinklers are the most widely used fire protection system in the world today. They provide effective control over fire when installed according to the requirements of local fire codes.

There are many different types of sprinklers, each built for use against different types of fire risks. Ongoing research and development ensures that newer and more reliable sprinklers are constantly being developed. Together with active alarms and simultaneous alerts to fire brigades, sprinklers provide fast and effective fire suppression in the entire integrated fire response system.

Gas Suppression

In environments where sprinklers do not provide sufficient protection, ECO offers a full array of specialized fire protection solutions unlike any other. When choosing a high value risk system, you need to consider a system that responds fast, is reliable, effective, and safe to occupants, equipment or property with minimal impact on the environment.

We offer the most comprehensive range of fire fighting systems including clean agent, water spray, powder and foam.

Foam System

Foam systems are used for all types of oil-based fires. They provide effective protection for risks such as petrochemical plants, marine, offshore, aircraft hangars and industrial applications.

Foam is also useful to prevent fire by covering flammable liquid spills before they become ignited. We provide foam concentrates with numerous international and maritime approvals.

High Value Risk System

Inergen is a clean, effective, environmentally friendly fire suppression agent. It is effective for suppressing all common types of fire. It is completely safe on lives and property and does not adversely affect the protected contents when discharged into a room.

Inergen is the most effective fire fighting system for occupied areas. It is commonly used in computer rooms, control rooms, essential communication areas, data and art storage rooms, laboratories or any areas where sensitive or expensive equipment are stored.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers, Pre-engineered systems, Kitchen Systems, Bus Systems, Vehicle Systems, Emergency Lights/Signs, Safety Equipment, Electrical Products, Hydrants and Hose reels.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

CO2 is the most commonly used fire extinguishing agent, as it offers a low cost, readily available solution. It efficiently extinguishes fires without leaving any corrosive or toxic residue and is best used in non-occupied areas.

Typical applications include electrical rooms, marine engine rooms and local applications such as printing press, turbines and steel mills.


FM-200 is a halocarbon-based fire extinguishing agent. A relatively low concentration of halocarbon-based agent is required to extinguish fires. It is commonly used on fire caused by electrical hazards and other relatively small risks.

Water Spray & Water Mist Systems

Water Spray systems are designed to discharge a minimum required density cover over highly flammable risks. They cover large areas by discharging simultaneously from many open nozzles.

Water Spray is a highly effective and economical means for extinguishing fires. It is often used to protect fuel storage tanks, LPG spheres, transformers, turbines, conveyors, power station boiler fronts, fuel pumps, and also fuel handling and loading areas.

Most of these types of risks involve oil-based fires, which require extensive cooling to limit the fire growth and achieve quick extinguishing. Designed principally for local application and marine use, Water Mist systems use a small quantity of water to extinguish fires. The small droplets replace the oxygen with water vapor and cool the fire. Therefore offering a clean and cheap solution to high value risks.

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