Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Fire Detector System

In the fire alarm and detection industry with a complete range of state-of-the-art products, we are well equipped to protect all types of buildings, institutions, factories, plants and public infrastructures.

Detectors provide early warning of a fire. The type of detectors used will vary for different risks. From standard heat and smoke detection, to very early detection systems and specialized gas monitoring; we have developed detectors based on the latest technology to meet the increasing demands of businesses and communities.

Our range of detectors include:

  • Fixed temperature heat
  • Rate of rise heat
  • Linear heat
  • Ionization smoke
  • Optical smoke
  • High-performance optical smoke
  • Flame
  • Beam
  • Carbon monoxide

Fire Alarm System

Alarm systems help to minimize risks during the early stages of a fire. They are critical in the safe evacuation of occupants and effective alert to the fire service.

We design and specify fire alarm and emergency evacuation systems for all types of risks. We provide the lifelong support necessary to ensure continuous operation and effectiveness of the systems. Our range of fire alarm products and systems include:

  • Residential
  • Addressable
  • Conventional
  • Release Panel
  • Vesda
  • Pull Station
  • Call Points
  • Ancillaries
  • Voice Alarm
  • Leak Detection
  • Data/Structured Cabling

Fire & Gas Suppression

Fire Alarm & Detection System

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